Picturesque Parga with her endless beauties and the historic venetian castle overlooking the town, is located in North-West Greece, 50 km from Preveza. It is built within a natural amphithearte with an amazing view of the blue Ionian sea. It has about 4000 inhabitants but in the summer it is flooded by thousands of guests. It combines the green of the olive groves in the surrounding hills with the blue green of the Ionian sea.The history of Parga is long and its role in Greek history is important. Visiting Parga you can be accomodated at our pansion “Nikos Vergos” which offers you all the contemporary comforts.
You could combine your stay in Parga with several visits and trips:
1. A day trip to the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos oppsite Parga, about 1 hour by
2. The ancient Oracle of the dead only 20 km from Parga close to the river Aheron.
3. The traditional villages of Zagori.
4. The world famous Meteora rocks.
5. Ancient Nikopolis near Preveza.
6. The magnificent Vikos gorge outside Ioannina.
7. The ancient theatre of Dodoni, close to Ioannina.